Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brookfield zoo

Yesterday, gabe and I went to the zoo with my cousin Colleen, her daughter Samantha and my aunt Judy. It was alot of fun after a very bad start. My car wouldnt start and then we got stuck by an unmoving train (ugh). But then it was alot of fun! We went last year, around the end of June and gabe still wasn't walking and molly carried him in the baby backpack. He kind of knew what was going on last year, but this year was amazing! He pointed out animals and got excited about the giraffes and the down-downs (aka dolphins and seals).

I am sad that he is growing up so quickly, but I am also so amazed at how much he understands. He is constantly saying new words that I didn't even know that he knew. We were playing with his little people zoo animals the other day, and the next day he said his version of ostrich while holding the ostrich! Amazing!

So, I'll stop babbling about my kid and instead overwhelm you with pictures from the zoo.

And yes, he did wear the hat all day. He wanted to wear it too! So adorable.

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