Friday, May 24, 2013

Growing up

I deleted my post from earlier this week. I was in a bad place, and a little bit whiney. The best thing that I can take away from that post is, I am going to be 33 (I am 33) and I need to cut the whiney crap. So that is the first step that I am taking today, taking responsibility for the choices that I make and not wallowing in pity. It's a small step in the right direction.

I am not the only one who is growing up. Molly, the little girl that I'm a nanny for, isn't so little anymore. She is a beautiful, smart, loving 18 year old. Last Friday was her senior prom! It's so hard to believe that this little girl, who I can picture running around in her nightgown, is now getting ready to go to college, at Tulane in New Orleans. She has lunch with Gabe and I almost everyday, and I treasure that because she will soon be gone. I almost teared up when she came downstairs last Friday.


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