Thursday, May 2, 2013

Please, just go to sleep

When gabe was a baby and learned something new, there would be a few nights when getting him to sleep was a little more difficult. He wanted to keep jumping, or rolling over. Now, he just wants to run and play outside.

Tuesday night, he was exhausted. We went to bed around 8. He cried about his pjs. He wanted footie pjs, (it was super hot in our house), he wanted shorts. He told me he wanted underwears. I put some over his diaper, he cried "I can't want underwears". It was a struggle. It took an hour to get him calm enough to sleep. Last night was more of the same. He went to bed at 8:50 and was still up at 9:45 when I was planning on going to bed.

He is napping now (which was also a struggle, but not too bad). Hopefully since its chilly and rainy, bedtime will not be such a huge struggle tonight.


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