Tuesday, October 22, 2013

in a funk

flashback of baby gabe
yesterday was a good day. I cut out a bunch of pieces for Beans.  I felt really inspired.  Putting together different fabrics came easily.

then there was last night.  I got pretty emotional last night.  I don't remember the stages of grieving, but I'm pretty sure I went back to the anger stage.  I wasn't necessarily angry, as much as I didn't think it was fair, she was too young, I am too young, Gabe is too young.

I woke up feeling better.  I didn't have to work today so I was determined to get some sewing done. However, my sewing machine hates me.  The bobbin was jamming.  I refilled it (twice!).  It wouldn't load correctly. I finally got it to load correctly, and now the other thread keeps ripping. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY MACHINE?!?!?!

so, I was going to cut out more pieces, but I just don't feel inspired. No fabrics are looking good together. I'm pretty sad (maybe discouraged) that no one has bought any of the new Beans. I want to buy a new machine, but if the Beans aren't selling then what's the point? I hope this funk doesn't last.

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