Monday, August 1, 2011

wow!! where did the weekend go?!

i wanted to post this weekend about my awesome week, but my weekend was even busier than my week. funnily enough, my week didn't start out so amazing. i was going to post about weight loss but i will save that for another time.

i don't even know where to start with how busy this week wound up being. i had to watch maggie (gabe's girlfriend) on wednesday and wow! it was a lot of work. i could not imagine having two kids that close in age. they are also so far apart developmentally since maggie can walk and gabe really wants to. maggie would be sitting on the floor playing and gabe would take off crawling down the hall. i really got a workout!

the following day was even more exciting. maggie's little sister was born!! i don't know how gabe is going to choose between two sisters. i guess maggie has dibs since she was here first.

friday was kinda quiet. jorge's dad got back from mexico so we went to see him. gabe really missed him. saturday was crazy though. it was our block party and my friend megan moved back to chicago! so we had to get stuff ready for the block party and then during the party i went and helped her and her husband unload.

we spent sunday out and about. we went to see the baby. she is so tiny. i can't believe that gabe was once that size and now he is trying desperately to walk. OH! i totally forgot! gabe is now officially ten months old! anyway...after we spent time with the baby we went and hung out with megan, will and their son kyle. he is two and he and gabe are going to be great buds. i can see it already!

wow! what a busy week! here are some random pics of gabe. enjoy!!

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