Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I've been busy...

I'm sure most of you have seen my video on Facebook. If you haven't, gabe is walking! It was a very interesting weekend. It was a little sad too.

Friday gabe took intentional steps toward a chair. It was only a few, maybe three. But he definitely stood up and walked towards the chair. Jorge was a little sad that he was not around to see it. However, the best was yet to come! Later that day we were all at home, me, gabe , Jorge and Sidney. I made sure Sidney was holding the camera and then IT happened! Gabe just took off! He stood up and just walked away! It was breathtaking! It was sad! I had tears in my eyes but I was also so excited. I was especially excited because everyone was there to see it. I posted the video for our parents as fast as Facebook would let me!

The weekend was more of the same. Gabe would be crawling, I would secretly hope that he forgot he knew how to walk, and then he would just stand up and take off. Of course, he was shy around both families. He only took a few steps when we went to my moms and jorges moms. Seriously?! At least I had the video to prove it.

On Saturday we went to a friends surprise birthday party. It was nice, especially since it stopped raining. Gabe was a little fussy because he just wanted to get down and go. But we were on the sidewalk and he was getting his first birthday pictures the next day. I already knew he was wearing shorts so I didn't want him to scrap his knees up.

Speaking of his pictures.....blah! He was not a cranky baby, thank goodness, but he didn't really smile. The girl was not really helpful. She kept saying mom anything you can do to make him smile.....um...isnt that kinda her job? Oh well. There are some cute ones, just none with a big smile like I was hoping for.

Monday was great! Jorge spent the whole day with gabe! Awesome! I got to see the help with my mom. I loved the book and the movie was just as good. What a busy weekend! It was pretty emotional too. I mean I want gabe to walk, I want him to grow up. But......I want my little baby.

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