Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A weekend with the Romans!

We had a great weekend. It was super busy (of course) and ended with a sick baby. Can gabe still be considered a baby? I mean he will always be my baby.

Friday Megan and I went to this awesome resale thing. I got gabe a cozy coupe for $8! I mean, it's a little faded but otherwise it is in great condition. I also got gabe some snow boots and some other clothes but I am so excited about the car! I had been eyeing it the whole time and I told myself if it was still there when we were checking out, then I would get it. I have wanted to get gabe one for awhile but, I don't like the eyes on the new one.

The bad news on Friday was that Megan and I returned to two wide awake little men at ten thirty! Supposedly they were just having so much fun with each other that they couldn't sleep. *sure*

Saturday the hubbys went to the cubs game with Sidney. Gabe took a long nap after the crazy night before. He was a little cranky but I figured that he was just overtired and getting teeth. I really didnt think that he could be getting an ear infection. Megan made dinner for us that night. Gabe loved it!

I should have realized that something was wrong with gabe when Megan and I went to target and gabe (who was with Jorge) cried the whole time. Again, i figured he was just overtired. Poor little man :(

For some reason, we thought it was a good idea to go to the flea market in the rain on Sunday. I guess it was kinda a good idea because I got an awesome slide for gabe! Seriously gabe and kyle played inside on that slide for over half an hour! And every time gabe sees it, he runs right to it. Best fifteen dollars!

You can see gabe running to the slide!

I know gabes birthday is coming up soon and I should maybe not have bought him some big things so he could get them for his birthday. But......I just can't help myself! I love buying gabe things and I love a great deal! Besides, since we don't have a yard, I would not expect anyone to get us outside toys. It would be different if we had a yard.

Hopefully my little man will be feeling better soon!

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Cortney said...

He is definitely a baby! But then I still call Spencer my baby and he is 5!