Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where I'm headed

I used to be a pretty crafty person. I made cards. I painted. I had a lot of crafty ideas in my head that I couldn't accomplish because of a lack of skill (such as sewing)

And now? NADA. I don't have time. Actually, I don't make time. Yes, I'm super busy being a mom. However, when gabes sleeping I could be doing something that doesn't involve the tv. Although, he is sleeping right my arm. (just one otherwise how could I type?)

I love being a mom, I just wish I could still have time for those other things I used to love too. For example, I started a painting for gabes future girlfriends,and it's still unfinished. Part is because I can't decide how to finish it, and partly because I don't have the time. Being crafty isn't like picking up a book you've been meaning to finish. It requires supplies and space and most of all, time.

It sounds like a lot of excuses. Honestly, I don't know if I'm making excuses or if it's true. Our weekends are jam-packed! We barely find the time to do laundry, how could I possibly start a project? Am I selling myself short or is there really no time? Since gabe I know I've been putting aside some things that I'd like to do, but doesn't every mom, every parent? Also, are there people who want to buy cards? Just because I want to make them doesn't mean there's a reason for me to make them.

Thanks for "listening", any suggestions or card orders would be great! :)

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Jen pagan said...

You could make cards and sell them in etsy! :)