Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A walker

I cannot believe how much gabe has changed in such a short period of time! I know that I have said this before but since he started walking on September 2nd, it's been non stop chaos!

He is now walking more than he crawls. Everyday there is more walking and less crawling. Today, he really only crawled when he wanted to get somewhere (the stairs) quickly. He is moving so quickly and so much I can hardly get any decent pictures!

WHOA! Watch out! Baby running by!

We went to the park today and it was pretty awesome. We really haven't gone to the park a lot because for a long time it was hard to keep shoes on and there was the crawling. But today he crawled up the stairs and then we slid down the slide a few times together. He is definitely not a fan of the slide by himself. He could have spent all day in the swings. I think he was in a swing trance for awhile. There is also a rocking thing that he really liked. Where did my baby go? I see a lot of park time in our future. I am really excited about the new playground that they are building by out house. It looks amazing!

There is other big news too. Sidney is now a teenager! Yesterday was her birthday. She lives right across from the park and we spent some time with her last night. She was holding one of gabes hands while Jorge held the other and they were walking in the park. It's weird for me to have an almost one year old, I cannot imagine how Jorge feels having a one year old and a thirteen year old!

I have the power!

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