Tuesday, October 11, 2011


*big sigh*

I have really been trying to get gabe on a schedule, as you all know, and it's not going so well. Sometimes, its like hes a third child instead of a first. Naps are insane. I have been trying to get him on one nap a day because he really wants to take a nap at ten or ten thirty. That means he doesn't take an afternoon nap until three. Conor comes home at three twenty and gabe will wake up when talk to him because, of course, I have to hold him while he's taking his nap.

I have really been trying to stick to my bedtime plan. With a few exceptions it has worked out ok. One day Jorge put him to bed and they both fell asleep. It kinda defeated the point of putting him to bed a little awake. But, he did sleep in his own bed until the morning. Sunday he hardly took a nap because we had an exciting day at the pumpkin farm. (hopefully I will be able to put the pictures up for wordless wednesday). He was so beat that he fell asleep on the way home from my moms at 6:30 and stayed sleeping, with one wakeup, until seven the next morning. Wow!

So, my plan is to cuddle with him, in his room while he has his bedtime milk. If he is cooperating we will read some books but he doesn't always want to. Then I put him in bed while he is kinda awake. Sometimes he cries while I'm still in his room and then I rub his belly. (he likes that better than his back). If I leave and he cries then I give him five minutes before I go in and rub his belly after giving him a big hug. Hopefully, this will help anyone who is also having problems. Thanks for the advice I received.

This has been a long post without any pictures....here they come!


I was trying to cut his finger nails when I realized that he was watching tv and it was distracting him. What a great thing! I don't know which one of us hates this activity more. Then he decided that he really wanted to hold the nail clippers while chilling on the couch with his buds Mickey, pooh, and Elmo.

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