Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time is my enemy

Well...not only time. My needly/cuddly baby can also be my enemy. The past week was busy because we had to get all of the stuff ready for gabes second first birthday party. It left me almost no time. After the party, I was tired! I cannot even imagine how tired my mom must have been since the party was at her house.

Because of gabes ear infection and now this cold, we have been letting gabe spend even more time in our bed. *frown* I never wanted to be one of those parents who let their kid sleep with them. How did this happen? I let him sleep in our bed for an hour or so in the morning so that we could both get a little more sleep. Now, he is falling asleep in our bed?! How? And, how do I end this?

Yesterday was his year old doctors appointment. A year already! I still cannot believe it! Unfortunately he needed a few shots. Since he's fighting this cold I elected to only do half at this visit. Needless to say he was a very unhappy little man. He also demanded to be held by me all day. I'm not even kidding. I was washing dishes, he was crying and he wiggled his way in-between me and the kitchen cabinet! Then at home he cried almost all evening because he wanted me to hold him (even though Jorge tried). It makes getting anything done almost impossible. I also held him through his two and a half hour nap!

He did play for a few minutes with Elmo.....

Back to sleep issues.....
I have really wanted to get a better bed time routine going. Namely getting gabe to get himself to sleep. He has not been falling asleep once he's in his crib. He will be sound asleep in my arms and the second I put him down....SCREAMING! We figured with all of the crying he did last night, he would be out at bedtime. Not at all. I let him cry for twenty minutes in his crib after our bedtime bottle and cuddle. Then I tried to cuddle again with no use. I finally, in tears myself at this point, carried a screaming gabe to our bed. I laid down with him, he snuggled on my chest and was out in seconds. Seriously!?!

I know we are so late in the game with starting to get gabe to soothe himself, but does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone had this problem? Help please!

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