Thursday, October 13, 2011


For those of you who don't know, I used to dance. I did jazz, tap, ballet, hula, belly and Tahitian. I went to the same dance studio from the time I was five until about four years ago. I wanted to continue, but the costumes were so expensive and there was only one recital. (there used to be three)

Anyways.....I have started dance again. It's good exercise. I haven't committed to the recital yet, it is only October. Also, I get a little gabe break. However, I SUCK! I admit that I wasn't the kind of dancer that could instantly pick up on steps, but now I am lost! I feel like the sore thumbs that used to be in the back lines when I was younger. You know the ones, they could kinda dance, they wanted to dance, but they always were In the back line.


I am feeling like I am slow on picking up the steps. Then, I have the steps and we have music and then it's like I never knew the steps. I try to practice them but i remember steps but can't remember the order that they go in. I feel so uncoordinated and old! I am in a class with about five high school juniors, a early twenty something and a few women who are around my moms age. I'm there, stuck on the middle, not getting it.

I'm sorry about this post. I know it sounds like i am whining. I kinda am. I am also shocked at how bad I am. And a little embarrassed at how bad I am.

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