Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ha! I jinxed myself by saying the bedtime routine was going good. Not true for the past two days! Hopefully things get back on track soon

Nap time yesterday...a really good three hour nap (in his jacket)

Tomorrow I'm going to be spending the day with Megan and Kyle. It's nice for gabe to spend time with other kids. I think he really learns a lot from them. And I know I am a bit biased but, I think I've got a super smart kid! He replies to most of my questions, sometimes with answers, sometimes bringing me what I'm asking for and sometimes by shaking his head no. He does other things too, but I am so amazed at his comprehension so far.

I am also amazed at the fact that only a few weeks ago gabe was taking his first steps. Ok, it's been more than a month since his first steps but I can't believe it's been that long. I also cannot believe that there was a time when gabe didn't know how to walk. He walks everywhere now. He plays at the park. Of course he loves his slide! I look at this kid I created and I'm in awe sometimes. I cannot believe that this walking and talking little man was once inside of me! It's truly amazing!

It's so cliche but I do cherish every moment with gabe. He is my sunshine and I cannot believe that there was a time where he didn't exist. I love you my little booger! I cannot wait to have so many more exciting moments with you!

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