Friday, October 28, 2011


Croup sucks! Yesterday morning gabe just had a little occasional cough. I wasn't that worried. Then he got up from his nap and was crying and had the most horrible sounding cough. It was like he was gasping for air.

I started crying. I googled whooping cough, even though he has been vaccinated for pertussis. It sounded like whooping cough. I called my mom at work in a panic (and in tears). She told me to calm down and call the doctor. Then I called Jorge at work, trying to calm the both of us down. He said if I were really worried to bring him to the hospital. (yikes!). I felt like a doctors appointment ASAP would be ok for now. Thankfully, they had an appointment in an hour!

We both calmed down in that time and the coughing stopped. Of course it started again when the nurse tried to touch gabe ( he is such a nut! He cries when they try to weigh him!) the crying made the coughing start again. I was able to calm him down quicker this time though.

So, he has croup which has to do with your vocal cords, not your lungs. It's still as scary sound though! Poor little man is on a steroid and has cough medicine. The doctor wasn't going to start the steroids because it was just the beginning, but then I told him how fast it happened and he changed his mind. Also, this afternoon, I discovered he is getting a molar! Poor booger!

He was pretending to be bob the builder this evening ( when he wasn't in my lap!)
He's acting ok, except for being exceptionally clingy with me so at least he's in a good mood.

He looks soooo sleepy here. Probably because the three of us in one bed last night did not equal a lot of sleep for anyone. Hopefully he sleeps in his own bed tonight.

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