Friday, July 6, 2012


I have been trying to do something crafty everyday. Even if it's something little, or something I can't finish right away, I have tried to do one thing a day. I started with this project I had found on pinterest. I kinda tweaked the original idea.

So, the original idea was puffy paint on a canvas. This seemed really easy to do and I have been dying to do something. I didn't have a canvas handy, but Molly and conor had these large wooden letters that they have had forever. I figured that would be a good thing to try out first.

I thought I would draw out my idea first, so that I had enough room for whatever I wanted to draw. I wasn't very careful with my drawing though. (I was skeptical that this was going to work) I would advise that if you choose to draw out your design, do it lightly and make sure you erase completely.

Then, you go over your design with puffy paint. It doesn't matter what color puffy paint you use, unless you are planning to paint it white, then I would use white.

It takes awhile to dry, especially if you did any very thick lines or dots like I did. Once it was dry, I sanded it lightly just to make sure the paint would stick. I don't think this is necessary, I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't too slick. Then, I painted it.

So cute and easy! I think I'll be making alot of these for Christmas!

Happy crafting!

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