Sunday, July 15, 2012


My parents have taken gabe and I to Florida! Unfortunately, Jorge wasn't able to get the time off work because he was off last week. I was very sad that he wouldn't be there for gabes first plane ride and his first time at a beach. I was also nervous about gabes first plane ride.

He loved the airplanes, but kept saying that he didn't want to go on a plane. I was afraid of a meltdown on the plane, but he did great! He watched bubble guppies and traded between mine and my moms laps. I actually had the BEST plane trip ever. I was across the aisle from my parents, with two other women. We talked the whole time. I swear it didn't even feel like we were on a plane, and time flew!

Today, was our first whole day. We did alot. We went to jungle gardens after breakfast. It's pretty cool. They have flamingos that walk right up to you and you can feed them.

I also vandalized some bamboo. It's like a conservatory, lots of trees and flowers. There was a big batch of bamboo that other people scratched their names into so.....

We also stopped by two beaches. One had gorgeous white sand. My mom and I went there for a quick stop while gabe napped in the car. The other we went to after dinner. Gabe likes the sand and shells...the water not so much.

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