Monday, July 23, 2012

Eye opener

Ok. The last post wasn't so great. Sometimes, I think I get a little wrapped up in the negative. Sometimes, maybe, I even get a little depressed. I know. I just got back from a great vacation, how could I even think I was depressed? Well, I guess I just let silly things get to me sometimes. I was upset that gabe was cranky. Hello! (thanks m&d for pointing this out) he's a little kid, not even two yet. Get a grip!

I was tired and cranky myself and I took it out on my cute, adorable kid. Yeah, maybe he cries about goofy things, but he is little. This is the age of tears and I have to realize this, and not let this ruin our relationship. I just want to cuddle my little man and make sure he knows how much is mommy loves him.

I may have posted the following pic....but when I'm upset or cranky or just having a bad day, I have to just look at this picture and I know....I was made to be this kids mom. I was supposed to help him through his bad days, and he'll help me through mine.

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