Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun family time

This was such a great weekend, with such a great mixture of family and actually getting stuff done!

Saturday we got so much done, I can't even believe that we did this all in one day. The day started with taking my car in to get fixed, getting the dishwasher looked at by ABT, grocery shopping and a visit to two toy stores. All before noon!

We made a quick trip to toys r us for a water table for little man and then a quick trip to quake for big man. Actually, I think gabe got more at quake than Jorge did. He got a new "mama" doll. I'm not sure why, but he calls all brown hair dolls mama.

Then it was off to gabes first birthday party. Yes, we've been to parties before, but this was a party where gabe was the guest and we were just supervision. When did my baby become a KID?!

Sunday, we got a ton of work done around the house. We got alot of yard work done and then alot of little things, like hanging the dining room curtains. I feel so good even if we just get a few things done, it's better than none. Gabe spent alot of time playing with his new water table.

Ok, this is the longest post ever, but I'm not done. Jorge and I actually got to have a date night Sunday. We left gabe with my parents and went out to dinner and a stroll around Lincoln square. Dinner was sooooo good! We went to pitchfork-seriously amazing ribs! And a delicious bloody Mary too!

Gabe went out to dinner with my parents and he had a great time. What a great weekend despite the heat and crazy weather. I look forward to many more weekends like these.

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