Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunday Sunday

Ok, I know it's thursday, but I have some silly pictures of gabe from Sunday. Jorge, gabe and I went out for a little family breakfast (and to run errands*yuck*). Gabe really likes going to egg harbor cafe because they have cups full of colored pencils to draw, draw with.

He ate pretty good. He's not really a big breakfast person so we went a little later and kinda didn't feed him so he'd eat. He likes some breakfast foods, like French toast, he just doesn't like to eat early. So, we got him French toast and put some homemade jelly on it for him.

I really recommend going here. They have a great selection and everything I've ever had has been delicious! Also, they serve their drinks in mason jars which I think is super cute. It's pretty reasonably priced too. I know there is one in glenview, not sure if there are other locations, but it is delicious!

Later in the day, Jorge and I were sharing a big carrot. I had needed carrots for dinner and I peeled one too many, so we were eating it so it didn't go to waste. Out of no where, gabe took the carrot from me and started eating it! It was so funny! Sometimes the carrot wound up in the floor, but we washed it off and he kept chomping away.

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