Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sometimes I worry that gabe is behind. Up until this point, I've felt like he was ahead of the pack, but not so much anymore. There are moms that I follow on instagram and some blogs, who home school and have already started with their toddlers.

Gabe says "two", but hasn't made the connection to two objects. He also isn't interested in the number one at all. I tried counting with him and I would say one...he would say two and sometimes three. But never one.

He doesn't know any colors, but has a caterpillar that has colored spokes and can match up the color spoke with the same colored peg. He did this immediately, without me ever asking or showing him. He says blue a lot so I ask him what color my car is since its blue.

I'm just not sure of how to get him interested. I've always wanted to have an independent child and now I'm afraid that I have been too hands off and he's falling behind. I tried to play play-dough with him last week, he just kept trying to eat it. Am I feeling too pressured from other moms who don't even know that they are pressuring me?

He did watch me collapse his giraffe last night and for the first time, he was able to do it also. He was concentrating so hard and so proud of himself! He also plays so well by himself (in a good way). He set up this circle of toys last night. He moved a piece so that he was in the circle and then replace it once he was inside. That shows some intelligence right? I hope that I am overreacting and that he is progressing just fine.

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