Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bubble bath?

I was so disappointed in myself for not blogging over the weekend. Obviously, it's because we are having family time, but I should have set up some "easy" posts. Anyways, here is a post that I consider "easy".

Gabe had his first real bubble bath yesterday. I had put a few bubbles in his bath last year and he flipped out. So badly that I had to swirl the water to get rid of all the bubbles. Yesterday though, he really enjoyed himself. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any clear shot so I added some filters to the photos.

He still wouldn't sit down in the bubbles, but at least he didn't scream his head off hopefully there will be many more bubble baths in his future. I think they make the best kinds of baths. I have also been afraid to try colored water or glow sticks in the bath because he freaks out about weird things. Maybe now I can give it a try? What have you guys tried?

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