Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our budding artist

I guess I can't even call Sidney a budding artist, because she's been drawing and painting and being all around creative for a very long time. I will have to do a flashback post sometime about her two handmade Halloween costumes, Domo and Mrs. Packman. I don't have the photos on my iPad.

Last Sunday, Sidney was given an awesome opportunity. Our old neighbor, who had the gallery opening a few weeks ago, was painting a mural. He really wanted Sidney to help out. I thought they were painting the mural, but they were doing the designing solely with spray paint.

She did an amazing job! The guys were so impressed that she had such a good eye and such skills with s spray can. These are men who have been using spray paint for years, giving a fourteen year old such a compliment!

If anyone is in the Chicago area, you can check it out at the intersection of milwaukee and belle plaine, on belle plaine behind the athletico.

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