Saturday, May 19, 2012

Art project

Ok, I have been obsessed with all of these crafty blogs that I read. I haven't had the time to be crafty in a loooooong time. The last time that I was probably really artsy was when I was pregnant and I made a painting for gabes room. It's still not finished though so I'm not going to post a picture just yet.

Anyways, there was this really cool project over at a beautiful mess

It's my first time doing a post like this so the pictures aren't that great and I forgot to take a beginning picture...but, I hope you guys like it and maybe give it a try!

Well, the real first step is to find a painting at a thrift store or the flea market. It doesn't matter what the picture is, because you are going to paint over it. I got a painting of a girl for $1! It had a great frame and great colors.

The next step is to select a quote to put on your painting. I selected "love makes a family". You need to buy letter stickers and a light paint color. I used a very pale pink.

Then, you layout the phrase or quote on your painting. See? My painting is of a scary girl, but cheap and good colors.

I put a light coat of paint on to start with. I probably put on about four coats because of the bright colors, they were a little hard to cover up.

Then, once you feel like you have enough coats, you need to let it dry. I wasn't very patient, but I did manage to wait for and hour. Also, remember that you have to be able to pull off the stickers so don't put too many coats of paint on.

After it dries, you can pull off the stickers. I think if I chose a little bit bigger stickers (or maybe let it dry longer) they would have come off really easy. Now, you have a cool painting to hang up.

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Elizabeth said...

Totally cute!!

Jen said...

thanks elizabeth! i just realized that i left off step four's photo!