Friday, May 11, 2012

People pleaser

Raise your hand if you are a people pleaser. *hand way up in the air* (you want to make them happy right?)

I have always known that I was a people pleaser. I used to call it catholic guilt. Then I also blamed my mom, I wanted to please her after all. But it has recently come to my attention that it's all my fault. I just want people to be happy. I want people to be happy so much, sometimes (ok, alot of the time) my own happiness is lost.

With the move, I realized that I want Jorge, my mom, everyone to be happy and comfortable, even if it means I'm not. How does that make sense? But it's true. I would rather have everyone else get what they want, even if it means I am unhappy. On one hand it seems really nice, wanting to make others happy. But on the other hand, I am usually left unhappy. Even while I am typing this, I am thinking if I will upset anyone. Is there something wrong with me? Are there others of you out there?

Take this weekend for example. We are jam-packed with things to do. I want to do them all, just not in the same day. That's not an option though, so I will do them all on Saturday and leave the stuff I really want to do for another day. I will enjoy the things I'm doing and the people I'm with, but I wish it wasn't all packed into one day. After just moving, I would like to get more things in order and maybe relax. I think I will just have to save the relaxing for gabes nap time.

I would usually not tell anyone how I feel, so that no one felt bad, but I guess i just put it all out there for whoever reads this.

These are of gabe dancing to "bubble guppies" his new favorite show. He begs for it. Again, I just want my kid to love me so I let him watch all 25 minutes of it. I hate it in a way, although I know that tv I unavoidable, especially since I love it so much!

So I know this was a bit rambling, sorry about that. I had alot I wanted to say and not really an organized way to say it. Hopefully I am not the only people pleaser out there.

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