Thursday, May 17, 2012


When I was pregnant, I hoped for an independent kid. I have to admit that I was not, and sometimes still not, very independent. I didn't go away to college because I didn't want to be all alone in such a big place. Silly, i know. I still get a little nervous doing something new by myself.

Back to gabe....I babysat a family with very independent kids. The mom could do her crafts while the kids played upstairs. I always though this was great because I also babysat a kid who always needed someone to play with and he was almost seven. I feel that by seven you should at least be able to play by yourself for a few minutes while mom (or babysitter) makes dinner or whatever.

Gabe likes to play with me and other kids. He is also very capable of playing by himself for awhile. It's not a long time since he is only one, but I am happy that he is developing an imagination and independent play. Today, for example, I was doing the dishes and started hearing car sounds. I looked over and gabe was driving his cars and trucks all over. Each one was making a noise. Yes! I have a kid who can play by himself sometimes!

He didn't even know that I was taking his picture....well almost didn't know...

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