Monday, May 14, 2012

Gabes favorite things

One of gabes favorite things to do is read books. He likes to read them with me and also by himself. We used to read stories at bed time, but now that he is going to sleep in our bed, he isn't getting stories. We are going to have to work on that because I was always a big time reader and I want gabe to enjoy reading just as much.

Another favorite thing of gabes is to draw, draw (as he says). He doesn't really draw anything, he mostly likes to hold the crayons or markers. Yes, I let him use markers because he really wants to use a pen and I don't want him using a pen. He asked to draw draw all of the time. Especially if I am writing anything, he wants to do it too.

Cleaning. Gabe cannot get enough of cleaning or vacuuming. He thinks everything is a vacuum, even Sidney's light saber is now a vacuum. He got him a toy vacuum yesterday at the flea market so hopefully he will be more interested in his vacuum and less interested in ours. He also loves to wipe up messes, he will even clean the windows.

Finally, gabes other favorite thing to do is go outside. I was never one to spend alot of time outside, but now I find myself outside alot. Even if it's chilly outside, gabe wants to be there. He loves to be on the swings at the park. And like any kid, he loves bubbles. He has a wheelbarrow and a lawn mower so he can be just like daddy and take care of the lawn.

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