Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flea market Sunday

I know that I keep saying this, but I really want to get better at blogging. Sometimes, family time is waaaaay more important. Gabe is not going to be age ever again, and I don't think we are going to have any more, so I really want to enjoy the time that we have and not worry so much about blogging.

Anyways, I did do a good job of getting pictures over this long holiday weekend. Saturday we did alot of work around the house, and I went out for my birthday. Sunday started bright and early with a trip to the flea market. We wanted to get there early so that we could get these AMAZING apple fritters. I know, food from the flea market?! But, these are awesome! And from a real bakery so do not fear. We didn't get anything else really, except really really hot!

Mama, no more flea market

Gabe was in his wagon the whole time, but he wiped out as soon as we got in the car. Too much flea market (and heat).

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Cortney said...

Hey Jenny, where is this flea market? It looks really cool and I've never been to one!

Jen said...

Its in the parking lot of the Allstate arena. It's $2 to get in and it's on Sunday's.