Friday, June 29, 2012

Bye bye Sidney

Sidney is going to Italy tomorrow with her mom, stepdad and stepsister. Since we are going to miss her we let her choose where to go for dinner tonight. She chose manee thai. Yum! Sidney and I love sushi, gabe loves Thai soups (have no idea where he got that from) and Jorge likes anything that's not sushi.

Gabe was so funny. He wouldn't eat the baby carrot, but he would dip it in his soup and lick it off. He can be such a goofy kid sometimes! Where did he even come up with that idea? He finally let Sidney feed him the broth.

That is until he wanted to do it himself. Or eat with chopsticks. It's so weird that he enjoys different foods. Jorge always eats the same thing (with some exceptions). Sidney is more adventurous, and so am I. However, I never would have eaten Thai noodle soup when I was not even two.

We had a great dinner (and a crazy trip to two targets!) but we are going to miss Sidney. Hopefully she has an awesome time! I have never been to Europe so I'm a little jealous and I hope she comes back with some cool pictures.

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