Monday, October 29, 2012

Shit I hate Sundays

Yes, I know that it is Monday, and that I just posted something, but deal. I had a sucky day of my own making yesterday and I wish that I had gone online and looked at the rockin mama. I have wanted to do this link up for a while, but one of us was always off. here we go.....

Shit I hate.....blocks. I'm sorry (kinda) to everyone who got gabe blocks for his birthday, but I hate them. They are always ALL over!

Shit I hate.....coats. What?! Yes, I hate wearing coats because I feel like I'm suffocating! I turned into a bitch at Costco because my coat was suffocating me!

Shit I hate.....expectations. I know, vague. But I hate expectations put on me and I really hate when I have expectations, I (almost) always get let down or let someone down.

Shit I hate.....being bitchy. Yesterday, I was bitchy for no reason and that made me even madder. I just couldn't stop being angry, ya know?

Shit I hate.....Halloween. Yep, I hate being scared so I have always hated Halloween because i think people are just waiting to scare me.

Shit I hate.....being afraid to blog with so many shits. I don't know why I'm afraid of what people think. I'm not even sure how many people read this. I just don't usually swear so I did feel hesitant about this.

Shit I hate.....being fat, ok not fat, just not as skinny as I used to be and not healthy. I feel like I have gained back any weight I lost or any inches. It sucks.

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Destiny said...

HAHA, I hate blocks too! Always step on them.

I read this and my advice don't give a shit what others think! lol

I've been working out and haven't lost any weight. pissed