Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 year checkup

I love gabes pediatrician. He's very laid back and doesn't really worry about anything, which is kinda a relief because I find myself worrying about goofy things. He's not concerned that gabe is not really gaining weight, I mentioned that I was always really tiny and not concerned. He's also not concerned that he eats only pasta and hot dogs. He basically said kids at this age don't necessarily eat a ton, that was more of a concern with gabe as a newborn/baby.

One concern was Da (his pacifier). Another concern, and only because I brought it up, is co-sleeping, mostly because it will be hard to break. So....we have two very hard habits to break. Jorge and I were planning on waiting until thanksgiving to move gabe to his own bed, because Jorge has the week off and can sleep in if it takes all night. I kinda want to do it NOW. Then, I figure once he's sleeping in his own bed, putting himself to sleep, we can tackle Da.

Here's the thing, I don't mind co-sleeping. I mind the fact that one of us has to go to sleep with gabe because he can't put himself to sleep. He could sleep with us for another year (just skip this part mom) if he could just go to bed by himself. So, try to put him in his bed and start the whole process there, or try having him put himself to sleep in our bed?

I have so many pictures of gabe and Da....

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