Monday, October 22, 2012

So much better

I'm feeling better so far this week. It was a really rough week, last week. I'm not sure what was going on, but I was angry, annoyed and not interested in anything. Yesterday was a great day and today started with a great walk, so I'm trying to keep positive.

We were busy this weekend, again. As Megan would say, it was a normal weekend for us. Saturday I didn't really spend with the family, I babysat (finally!!!) almost all day. I brought gabe with me in the morning and he got along great with Bella and Sebastian. He was playing tea party with Bella and it was soooo cute!

He also had fun playing with a snake (nake) all by himself.

Jorge and Sidney picked him up before lunch and then they went to our favorite toy store, quake, for an autograph session with admiral something or other from star wars. I guess it was pretty awesome. Seriously, if you like old school toys and are in the Chicago area, check out this place!!

Sunday was beautiful. The weather was perfect! We were originally going to go to the pumpkin farm, but decided that the drive wasn't worth it, when you'd have to pay $30-$40 just to go into the field of pumpkins. (and we had bought pumpkins from target anyways). Jorge, Sidney, my mom and myself (gabe too) went to the flea market. It was a good day, we got a fancy wooden highchair for $25! Awesome!

Afterwards, Jorge, Sidney and gabe cleaned up the front yard that was full of leaves. They did a great job and it looks like gabe had a lot of fun.

Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy the great day yesterday!

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