Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toy store and date night!

I would have written about this yesterday, but I was busy going on a date with my hubby!

We spent the afternoon at our favorite toy store, Quake, in Lincoln square. I've mentioned it before, and I know I mentioned the owner, Dave, when we ate sushi with him and his family. here

Gabe fell asleep on the way there and somehow stayed sleeping for almost 20 minutes, while I was holding him and talking to Dave. He eventually woke up and demanded all of the trucks he could find.

Oh yeah, he was also running all over the place, looking for more trucks and demanding to be picked up.

The unattainable ghostbusters airplane.

Dave was nice enough to give my crabby, greedy 2 year old a car.

After the toystore, we dropped gabe and Sidney at Jorge's parents house and Jorge and I went on a date!! It was a for real, dinner and a movie and no kid talk kinda date. It's been so long since we've been out, just the two of us, and even longer since I've seen a movie!

We went to a Mexican restaurant in rosemont and we saw taken 2. It was really good, but I'm so not cut out for action movies. My heart was pounding the whole time! We may have date night again soon, because I really want to see pitch perfect and Jorge said he would go with me since I cannot convince anyone else to go.

It was a perfect, and of course busy Saturday.
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