Thursday, December 20, 2012

DA, I miss you

Dear DA, I admit, I wanted you to break so that it would be easy to give you up. However, gabe refuses to nap. I miss you.

Yep. That was a little note to gabes pacifier. Since DA has broken, night time isn't that bad, he doesn't even ask for him. However, naptime SUCKS. like A LOT! The only way that I can get gabe to sleep is to drive around. And that doesn't even work some of the time, although he is clearly tired.

I think I'm going to have a naptime only DA. I cannot decide if I will use the pacifier with the animal or if I will just get a pacifier (ugh) but I cannot go another week without napping for this kiddo. He needs one still or he's a mess, crying all over the place.

Life without naps...


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