Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pinterest party links

Look at me! On top of things with links and everything! Enjoy!

Cookie cutter ornaments

Santa belt ornament although we did a little variation since we didn't find red glitter ornaments.

Photo ornaments

Melted snowman

Reindeer thumbprint ornament

I cannot find the link for these snowmen, we used clear ornaments, stuffed them with clear/sparkly tinsel then used paint pens to draw on faces. Well...Sidney drew on all of our faces because she did such a good job.

Sidney came up with these designs all by herself. The top ornament has red tinsel and then she used tacky glue and made a snowflake. Then she covered it with epsom salts. The bottom ornament is also filled with red tinsel and then Sid painted on a Santa face. Awesome!

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