Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Update on mom

So, I finally have info to share about my mom.

She has a blood clot in her right leg (originally it was in her left leg). Her left foot is a little swollen, but there's not much they can do. She gives herself a shot of blood thinners everyday. (I don't know if I could do that). As of Monday, she doesn't have cancer anywhere but her lung, in the middle, stage three. The course of treatment will likely be chemo and radiation.

Besides running a fever everyday, she's feeling good and in good spirits. She is at home which helps a lot.

There's still second opinions to get, but it seems like this will be the best course of treatment. Hopefully, it will be a doctor at Lutheran, where Jorge works.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and interest. It warms my heart, and my moms, that people are thinking of us. So, thank you all. I will keep everyone updated.



Anonymous said...

Will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.Love Pat (Megan's MOM)

Jen said...

Thanks pat! I appreciate it. Love to you guys!