Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy weekend...so much fun!

I have been trying to figure out how to post better pictures so that is why this post is so late. (I didn't figure it out yet)

This weekend was so much fun and so much about family. It was great! Friday night was a going away party for my cousin Nicole. She will be moving to Denver to pursue a career in dance. I wish her nothing but the best of luck. She is so brave to just up and move to a different state to follow her dreams. I would dream about doing something like that but never actually do it.

Saturday was a super busy day. It was jorges parents block party. It is always a good time. Last year it was also my baby shower. It's kinda weird to think that last year at this time, I was still pregnant, desperately waiting for my little man to come into this world. (by the way, he is now eleven months old!) the block party was great. The pictures are from the party. Gabe really like the twins, well, one of the twins! He kept reaching for one of the girls and not the other. It was so funny because I cant even tell them apart!

Megan and will and Kyle came to the block party too. Kyle had such a good time. He was running barefoot in the street. He also loved the pony rides and the bouncy house. Even though I want gabe to stay little, it's exciting to see what he will be like sooner than I can even imagine. Next year, he will be almost two years old and running around and bouncing in the bouncy house. *big sigh*

It took gabe and I awhile to get to the party though. He fell asleep in his high chair while I was straightening my hair. I never thought it would really happen. I guess I kinda helped by giving him his pacifier. It was so cute! It helped a lot. He let almost everyone hold him. Towards then end of the night he got to play with his big sister and auntie jazzy. It was nice to have all of jorges aunts and uncles wanting to be part of gabes life.

I think Sunday might have been even better than Saturday. We went out to breakfast as a family. Then we went to old orchard and walked around. The weather was the nicest it's been in along time. We also went to the bookstore and Gabe played with some of the trains in the children's section. It was sooooo cute, especially because Sidney was playing with him, and she loved trains when she was little. Daddy and baby took a looong nap after our busy day before going to dinner at grammies house. I have some really great pictures that I took that I am working on getting posted.

If anyone knows about picasa or a good way to put awesome picture on a blog please please let me know! Thanks!

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