Saturday, August 6, 2011

you're going to the fest for.....BEATLES!!!

today we celebrated sidney's 13th birthday. it was a little early but i think she was so surprised and had a great time. we had been keeping this secret for a very long time!

we surprised her with some beatles toys and tickets to BEATLEFEST!!! it is pretty cool. it's like a convention for beat
les (the band not the bug if there is any confusion). they have vendors with collectible memorabilia, toys, clothing. you name it and you can probably find it there. they also had booths set up with some awesome art.

let's not forget that they are playing all of the beatles albums over the sound system. there were panels discussing the beatles and a pretty cool auction. there was even a band who set up in the hall and played beatles songs. they were really good.

sidney got a lot of cool stuff. she got an awesome hat. she is wearing it in one of the pictures. gabe enjoyed himself too. (kinda) he was being a little weird about the stroller. usually he loves it, but for some reason today he decided to cry. i think he hasn't been for a walk in a while
and was just confused because he couldn't see me. he did get a little dancing in, you can see it one of the pictures too.

gabe was sound asleep by the end of it all.

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