Monday, August 15, 2011

slow down!

i wish life would slow down sometimes. gabe is growing up so fast. it's exciting on one hand and really sad and scary on the other hand. i love my little baby and i don't know if im ready for a big guy yet.
here he is in his big boy car seat. aaahhh!!! wait! i still want to carry you around in your carrier. stop getting so big!

i also wish our weekends were not so busy sometimes. this weekend it seemed like we were hardly home. we had to get invitations for both of gabe's birthday parties. then jorge took sidney to the doctor for an insect bite (scary stuff! we still don't know what bit her) then we had two parties to go to. the first was a family birthday party. the second was a celebration! gabe's godfather's mom has been cancer-free for two years! gabe made a new friend at the celebration. she's a nanny so i think he knew she was "safe". he was really getting tired by that point.

sunday was busy but i guess i kinda made it busy on my own. gabe and i went shopping with my mom in the morning. part of me was trying to get out and do something. the other part of me was trying to get out of the house so that sidney could sleep. the medicine for her bug bite makes her really tired. then we went to my mom's for dinner because we always eat dinner there on sundays. -gabe had the craziest dinner there...he had some beans from our chili, some pears, some chicken noodle soup and some puffs- but we didn't end our sunday there. then we went to megan and will's and gabe hung out with kyle for a bit.

i am ready for a nap just writing about how busy our weekend was! this week/weekend doesn't look any quieter. SIGH. i guess i will just have to keep pretending that my baby isn't getting any bigger and try to schedule some down time into our busy schedule.

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