Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WARNING! im venting!

ugh! does anyone else out there think that they look great and then see a picture of themselves and realize...no...not so much? i have been losing weight for the past couple of months. i haven't really been trying per se. i have been trying to eat right/less and i have been sneaking in some push ups or sit ups. however, there hasn't been a full out, 100% effort. still, i have gone from (gasp! im going to send the numbers out into the world) 174 to 159 in the past few months. still, i really want to be closer to what i was pre baby, 135.

anyway. i was feeling really good about losing weight this weekend. we had a few parties to go to, like i mentioned. i was feeling good. cute. i dressed up. then i see pictures and i think, who am i fooling? i look the same! still the chubby face. still with a belly that could be mistaken for a baby bump if i weren't holding a baby. what gives?!

with my limited time, and a baby that likes to cuddle, i really don't have a place for a real workout right now. also, there are the migraines that i get from an intense workout. yes, yoga is wonderful. however, it is a super big time commitment. i would be sacrificing almost three hours on a sunday morning. yes, i realize that it would make me happier but it also has it's draw backs. i could also stay up later and exercise, but i like my sleep. i feel like it's all a double edged sword. all of those women who look like they never gained a pound while pregnant...im totally envious.

well sorry about this sucky post. i had to get it off my chest. i was so disappointed. thanks guys.

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