Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sinks are fun!

We had a low key Monday. We both had the day off and it really made it seem like it was a Sunday.

We helped our good friends move some boxes from their apartment to their new house. It was a little difficult with three babies though. If we had a babysitter tons of work could have been done. Three kids under two is a lot of work!

Then we went to my moms for a small BBQ. Gabe had gotten a little dirty during the day so he got to have a bath in Grammies sink.

I forgot to mention, gabe is still sick. I hate having a sick baby. There is nothing I can do for his boogery nose except suck it out with the aspirator which of course makes him cry. If it were any other season besides summer I'd have his humidifier on, but it seems pointless when the air conditioning is running. Hopefully he is feeling better tomorrow. At least he slept a little better last night.

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Jen said...

Sorry for the crazy picture layout! I'm still trying to figure out the iPad!