Sunday, August 14, 2011

the zoo!!!

we went to lincoln park zoo on tuesday with gabe's new best guy friend, kyle. my friend megan, her son kyle and her hubby just moved back from tennessee and i couldn't be more excited! kyle is two, so he is a little older than gabe but they get along great.

the zoo was awesome! we had great weather even though there was rain in the forecast. it was kyle and his dad's first trip to lincoln park and i think that they had a great time. gabe got to get up close with his favorites, the seals. it was pretty cool, although i didn't have my camera handy. one of the seals popped his head out of the water only a few feet away from gabe. they were staring at each other. then we went "under" the water to see if they would swim up next to the glass. i don't know what it is about water and animals in the water but gabe loves them both! we were lucky, the seals swam really close to the glass to gabe and kyle's delight!

we saw almost all of the animals. we went to africa and saw the giraffes and my personal favorites, the meercats. i think they are just so funny! we also saw the lions. they were sleeping up next to the window and kyle and his dad got to get really close. gabe spent a lot of time in his stroller. i want to take advantage of the stroller and a kid who will sit in it while i still can!

i can't wait to go back. we were talking about buying a pass which would be pretty awesome. it covers part of parking, which is an insane $30! one visit would pay for each part of the pass. or maybe i will get it as a christmas present!

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