Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching up and getting caught

Today was great! I got to catch up with my friend Anita, who I haven't seen since before gabe was born. She reads my blog though so it's like she's been there. She is also a nanny and we have a ton in common. It was really nice to compare "war stories" and realize you aren't alone in this crazy world of north shore nannying.

She had a daughter almost six years ago and she too brought her daughter to work with her. I watch teenagers, at the time she watched younger kids. It was nice to hear her perspective of working with younger kids and bringing your own kid. Sometimes it feels like a challenge with gabe and teenagers, but she opened my eyes to how much more difficult things could be with a house full of young children. Thanks Anita! You are so wise!

While we were catching up, I got caught. She asked if i still hold gabe while he's taking a nap.....BUSTED! I have been trying to put him in his pack and play for his nap, but not consistently and it doesn't last for long. The longest in recent memory that gabes lasted not cuddling is an hour. I stand there thinking, which is better a nap while cuddling or no nap? I know my moms pulling her hair out right now, trust me I am too!

I feel so stuck. Nap time isn't working, bedtime, if I'm being honest, isn't working either. It takes at least two trips back into his room for him to go to sleep. I wanted to try supernannys sleep technique. You put the child in their crib and sit facing away from the crib. I tried it, halfheartedly. I think i last between ten and fifteen minutes before I caved. I want to try again tomorrow. I also have to get Jorge on board, which is super hard. He cannot take the crying.

One place gabe will sleep is in the car.....

Or in molly and conors cats bed(he didn't really sleep there, but he was convinced the bed was for him)

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