Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Growing up

My little guy is really turning into a toddler! Two months ago he couldn't walk and now he's running! Although the running isn't always working out. The other night he fell and split his lip open. There was so much blood, we even thought that he might have somehow cut the inside of his mouth. It's starting to look a little better today, not as swollen. I seriously thought we might have to go get stitches. It is a scary thing seeing all of that blood and hearing him cry. All I wanted was to tell him that it would be ok and cuddle him until he stopped bleeding.

Gabe has also decided that he likes to feed himself. This has been going on a while but that was with his fingers. Now, he likes to use a fork. It's kind of amazing! He actually gets the food into his mouth and he doesn't play with the fork too much. Sometimes its a challenge to get the fork back to give him more food. I couldn't believe it the first time he did it. He got the food in his mouth the first time!


Lunch today was ravioli and some blueberries that went uneaten.

It sucks. Gabe used to love blueberries. Now he will only eat one or two and the he usually spits out the skin and gives it to me. I'm so lucky :)

Oh. I also died my hair. It's a reddish brown color. Here's a little picture of it. What should I do? Dye it permanently or go back to blond?

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