Friday, November 18, 2011

Long, trying week

I am so glad that this week is over. I don't even feel like everything that happened this week was even this week. Know what I mean? The week started off ok, meaning Monday was the only ok day.

Tuesday, I can't even remember Tuesday. I know that I worked lateish. I also know that gabe desperately needed a bath after his crazy nutella and pb&j sandwiches explosion (see wordless Wednesday for pics). It's all coming back to me now...he became a crazy kid once we got home. I had planned on a bath for him around eight. However, before that he became very cranky. He has this awesome train that has all of a sudden become scary to him. He wanted to play with it, but he was scared. He screamed and cried for almost a half an hour. The only thing that calmed him down was "Annie". He loves music and it calmed him in some way. Needless to say, no bath.

Wednesday was even worse. I was locking our door when I saw, in slow motion, gabe falling down the stairs. I cannot believe it happened. I always watch gabe. I usually hold him. I had lot in my arms that day so I let him stand in the hall. I remember telling him to not go by the stairs, then I could see his little foot slipping. I couldn't stop it. Luckily, he is ok. He just has a fat lip that isn't even really fat anymore. He also fell off one stair at work, but just had a little mark on his forehead.

Thursday he was crabby. It made me crabby. It was a tough day for both of us. I love gabe more than anything. I wanted to put him in his pack and play and just walk away. I was stressed! We got thru it thanks to some supportive friends and supportive hubby.

Thank god it's Friday!

He's laying in his pack and play. He's not sleeping though. I put him in there so I could do some dishes and then he didn't want to get out. He kept shaking his head no. I gave him his milk and pacifier and he laid in there for almost a half hour! No sleeping in there of course! But it was so funny I had to take a picture of it.

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