Thursday, September 6, 2012

Move your ass!

Well, at least I need to move my ass. After my rather depressing rant the other day I connected with my friend Megan and we agreed to start walking. It was always a plan, a thought, but we actually are doing it!

It was raining yesterday, the first day we were going to walk. To not get defeated before we even began, we planned to mall walk instead. When I got there though, we had car seat problems so we all just sat in the car for awhile. It stopped raining pretty quickly and we wound up being able to walk. The boys (her son is Kyle) even got to play outside for awhile. It was so nice.

We walked again today. We are walking around portage park, by the way if anyone's familiar with it. We walked around the whole park and then let the boys play in the park for a bit.

All of this walking has both gabe and I extremely tired. Yesterday he fell asleep on the ride to work (11 am!) and today he almost was asleep but had a dirty diaper so I wouldn't let him sleep. It led to this...

Otherwise this has been great and I cannot wait to continue next week!!

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