Thursday, September 27, 2012

What?! Gabe is two?!

Well, tomorrow he will be. I'm kinda shocked that two years have flown by. It seems like forever ago that I was pregnant and flying to Hawaii. And now, I'm the very proud parent of a two year old!

***warning!!! Tons and tons of photos!!!**i tried to use different ones, but sorry if you've seen them before***

It's so amazing to see how gabe has changed in the past year. He is becoming quite a little talker. He's always been, um...loud, but now he is actually stringing words together into phrases. He is also repeating almost everything. Last night, I put him in his bed and he immediately climbed right back into ours. I said "fine! Then you sleep by dada." He immediately parroted back, in the same tone, "fine!" It was soooo funny, Jorge and I couldn't stop laughing. We do however, have to stop swearing. I do not want to hear those words come out of his mouth.

Gabe is also recognizing places and people. I mean he has always recognized family, but now he knows when we are on the way to kyles house and that if we go to Costco he gets a hot dog.

Gabe loves to jump. He'd prefer on a couch or trampoline (just not pump it up), but now he's also jumping on the floor all the while saying "jump! Jump! Jump!"

He takes naps on the couch all by himself now. I still sit by him when he's falling asleep. I don't need to hold him anymore. I'm not sad though, because that means he's growing up. We still cuddle plenty at night *trust me*.

We have finally moved off of bubble guppies. Yes, they are his favorite still, but I can finally put on something else and he will sit and watch it. Some other favorites are curious George, the cat in the hat, little einsteins, handy manny (who speaks Spanish!) and sometimes Diego. And finally, we went to the park and gabe didn't go on a single swing! He even climbed up the little ladder!

I wish I had done this kind of post for all of gabes other milestones, but I honestly didn't think of it until now.

To gabe, I love you sooooo much. When nothing else can make me smile, you can. You bring joy to everyone. I love your laugh. I love the way you grab my face at night (but not my hair). I love your sloppy kisses and tight tight hugs. You are an awesome little rocker! I love that trucks and ambulances make you so happy. I'm so glad to have you as my son.

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