Friday, September 7, 2012

My life rocks!

I love this link up on Fridays! It's the perfect way to end the week, especially for those who don't follow me on instagram. Also, I love the rockin mama's blog and I like checking out new blogs through the link up. Maybe you guys are finding some new blogs to check out too. date with Andrea (ok coffee, delicious stuffed French toast!)
2...dinner of BBQ pizza, curly fries, apple and soggy bread.
3...playing with his new trucks photo for @owlbolt photo challenge from the best hubby ever!
6...currently obsessed with this book, seriously cannot put it down! this guy...just sat up said hi! and went back to sleep of the day taken by gabe
9...I had to resort to a car ride to get him to sleep

There's a quick peek of my past week!

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