Sunday, June 24, 2012

Early morning Sunday

We had a good day yesterday. However, gabe and I went to bed at 8 last night so I couldn't write anything. Why so early? I had to get up at 4:15 am to babysit and gabe decided he was too cool for naptime yesterday. (boy was he wrong!) gabe was passed out by 8:15 which would have been awesome if I didnt have to go to sleep too.

Anyways, I can't believe what a good day we had, and how much we accomplished. The day started with Sidney's softball game. It was a good game, mostly. There were definitely a few loooong innings. In the end, the lady pumas won, 32 to 23. So awesome!

Sidney was just aching to steel bases

We came home and I was hoping that gabe would take a nap after lunch (hot dogs again) but he had other plans. He played with his trucks, would lay down on the couch, and get up to play again. I was frustrated. This went on for almost two hours, until it got to the point where taking a nap would really interfere with bedtime. So, we started to do some much needed decorating in the house.

Dinner was great, I made patty melts. We have grilled cheese at least once a week so it was nice to change it up with some patty melts.


It was nice to have some family time and to also get some stuff done around the house. Eight was the perfect bedtime too because we had such a full day, there wasn't really anything else left to do.

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