Monday, June 25, 2012

Left out some things...

Maybe Saturday was a great day. Maybe I did get up super early to babysit on Sunday. I may have left out what happened on Sunday evening. (ok, I felt guilty so I must come clean)

Usually we go to my moms for Sunday dinner. My aunt is sick (nothing too serious we hope) but she is in st. louis because she went to a wedding before she got sick. Anywho, my mom was a little upset that her sis is sick and far away so I thought it would be nice to go out for dinner. Hahaha!

Pop? Pop?

It started off ok(ish). Gabe of course wanted pop. He got some from his GB. But then he was loud. Not in an upset, tantrumy *new word!* way, but in an I'm gonna be loud, don't know what an inside voice is, kinda way. So, little embarrassment.

He ate ok, when he wasn't trying to put his Mac and cheese hands all over Jorge and then laughing about it. It was near impossible to get him to stop hitting Jorge because, let's be honest, it was funny to see his little Mac and cheese hands flying into Jorge's shoulder.

Once the drama at red robin was over, we decided to head over to the bookstore. That was terrible! OMG! I mishandled the situation for sure. I had always said if gabe got out of control, screaming, crying, whatever, that I'd take him out of the store. So, why didn't I do that? I had a drink and books in my hand and I just felt helpless. I gave up. I felt like he would just keep screaming no matter what, so I just let him. What is wrong with me?!

Ok, first major screamfest so I guess I'm off the hook this time, but I hope I react better next time *i know there will be many more next times*

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