Monday, June 4, 2012

Gabes words

Gabe talks ALOT. That kid has never been quiet, unless someone new is talking to him, then he goes mute. It's funny though, because he doesn't really say the actual word for alot of things. I can't decide if I should acknowledge that he is saying the wrong word (which I sometimes do, example: ha da is hot dog) or should I just keep acting like he is saying it correctly?

Some examples...."Lfurfur" is lucifer (our cat), but he also calls the cats "meow"

Downdown is downstairs or get down
Ja is giraffe
Adio is adios
Yayou is love you
Jep is chip
Bunbun is bunny
Cucake is cupcake

Then there are words that he says correctly that amaze me, like airplane and ketchup. He is also pretty good at animal sounds. He has mastered, moo, baa, meow, neigh neigh and ee-ee ( which is obviously an monkey).

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